Seishin Mizu Ryu Tatakai Jutsu


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Seishin Mizu Ryu Tatakai Jutsu (SMRTJ) - Water Mind School of Fighting Arts

Seishin Mizu Ryu Tatakai Jutsu is a holistic martial art whose core techniques can be traced back to the battlefields of feudal Japan.


The style excels in unarmed self-defence, with students learning how to defend themselves from an unarmed opponent (punches, kicks, grabs etc.). The style also prepares students to defend themselves from armed opponents such as attacks with bottles, blunt and bladed objects. The style also focuses on defence on the ground and pressure points.


The style’s main focuses are:




•Weapons defence

•Defence on the ground

•Multiple opponents (senior students only)

•Knowledge of physiology and psychology


The style’s aim is to develop individuals who have an all-round, comprehensive knowledge of the martial art, and have the confidence to apply this knowledge if needed.


Jiu Jitsu is a historic martial art


A martial art by definition is a system which teaches us about war, conflict and death; however in relation to the universal laws of natural balance (sometimes related to as yin/yang or in/yo) it also gives teaching on peace, non conflict and life as all are intrinsically linked.


Jiu Jitsu was an unarmed method of defending oneself against armed and unarmed aggressors developed and used by Japanese feudal warriors. The tradition in which we practice today is called Seishin Mizu Ryu Tatakai Jutsu and follows many of the principles of this earlier art.

What is a Martial Art?