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The British Ju Jitsu Association is the only Ju Jitsu Governing Body that is recognized by SPORT ENGLAND and hence is the only SPORT ENGLAND recognized National Governing Body of Ju Jitsu in the UK. The B.J.J.A.(G.B.) has many affiliated clubs around the U.K. and it is only by joining such a club, and an association like Seishin Mizu Ryu, that you can become a member of the B.J.J.A.(G.B.). We believe there are other Ju Jitsu Groups operating in the UK but unfortunately we are unable to comment on them whilst they remain outside of the B.J.J.A.(G.B.) as they remain unrecognized by the National Source.


If you would like to check with SPORT ENGLAND, the address is:- Sport England 3rd Floor Victoria House Bloomsbury Square London WC1B 4SE Tel: 0845 508508 Fax: 020 7383 5740 E-MAIL: [email protected] Website:




The National Governing Body, the B.J.J.A.(G.B.) is there to promote, control, police and to improve standards of practice for the student and safety of the general public. We firmly believe that the National Source the B.J.J.A.(G.B.) should be used as a first point of reference when looking for a good Ju Jitsu club or high calibre coach. This is so that all training centres and their participants can train with a high level of safety whilst learning potentially dangerous defences to attacks. In addition all B.J.J.A.(G.B.) clubs and instructors are covered by insurance to protect the student while training.

We believe members of the public should seek to join a club that is a member of the national governing body, this is the B.J.J.A.(G.B.). They should ask to see the clubs accredited training centre certificate, coaching qualifications and indemnity insurance. No B.J.J.A.(G.B.) coach should refuse to show these. If access to these documents are refused please contact the B.J.J.A.(G.B.) directly at the address [email protected] Please remember that a Black Belt is not a qualification to teach.


All SMR coaches and instructors have at least a level 2/3 Sport England coaching qualification and also a current First Aid Certification. All Blue belt and above grades  also have had an enhanced CRB check as required by the govening body.

The British Jiu Jitsu Association (Governing Body)

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