Seishin Mizu Ryu Tatakai Jutsu


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Q: What should I wear to my first class?

A: We recommend that you wear something you feel comfortable in for exercise and preferably loose fitting. T-shirt and joggers would work well, for example. We train bare foot so no need to worry about footwear! Please don't wear anything with zips or studs as this may injure yourself or others. Please also remove all jewelry before training for the same reason.


Q: Do I need to have any previous martial arts experience?

A: No! In fact the majority of our students had never studied a martial art before starting with us. If you have any martial arts experience that can be helpful but please be opened minded when you come to train with us, as you may not have seen the techniques before.


Q: How fit do I need to be to train Jiu Jitsu?

A: The nature of SMRTJ Jiu Jitsu means we rely on technique, not fitness, to defend ourselves. There will be some cardio exercises involved in training, but our instructors are happy to accomodate all fitness levels and can adapt exercises to suit. If you are recovering from injury or illness, please make sure you have been cleared by your Doctor to participate in our classes. As always, please check with your Doctor if you are unsure if this activity would be suitable.


Q: How much does it cost to train?

A: Costs vary between clubs so please contact your local club to find out more. As a regular member you will also need to buy appropriate insurance for training every year. You will also need a Gi (white pyjama-suit worn for training). This is all arranged through your instructor.


Q: I'm looking to learn self-defence, is this useful?

A: Yes! SMRTJ Jiu Jitsu is a very effective form of self-defence as it teaches students to use technique, not strength, to defend themselves. This makes it an excellent form of self-defence for everyone, particuarly women.


Q: How quickly can I get Black Belt?

A: To attain black belt takes many years of dedication and hard work. Some achieve it relatively quickly (around 5 years), others can take much longer. We emphasise excellence at every level and will aim to progress every student at the pace which is right for them.